Casualties Caused by Electrical Fires are on the Increase

Fire related casualties caused by faulty electrical wiring are on the increase in homes across the UK. Between 2004 and 2001, injuries in this area rose by more than a third whilst fatalities caused by faulty electrical distribution systems tripled, according to statistics from the department of communities and local government.

There were around 38,500 accidental domestic fires during 2010 – 2011. Around 22% of these were of electrical origin, with 10% caused by household wiring.

Older houses often have outdated internal wiring which can sometimes be worn, corroded or even damaged. Some properties will also have outdated fuse boards which do not contain the same safety measures of newer models, such as RCD’s. This can leave members of the household exposed to the risk of electrical fires and even electrocution.

If you’ve recently purchased a new house or even if you’ve been living in your home for years, you can’t always be sure that its electrical wiring and the fuse board that keeps it all safe has been worked on by reputable electricians. Previous owners with little or no electrical experience may even have worked on the household electrics themselves as a DIY project.

Most of us can’t be 100% sure that our electrical wiring is as safe as it could be. There could be all manner of underlying problems with your electrics which go unnoticed until something goes wrong.

It is important to ensure electrical wiring is in good working condition. If you think your home electrics could have been damaged, bodged, or have simply deteriorated over time, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So why not hire a NAPIT registered electrician to check your home is safe.

A NAPIT registered electrician will be able to check your wiring is safe and also compile an Electrical Installation Condition Report that will demonstrate the integrity of your electrics.

Is it really worth the risk? Remember, you probably won’t know whether your home electrics pose a safety hazard until something goes wrong.

Optimise Electrics secures electrical inspection project on commercial listed buildings in the Cardiff area.

Due to the nature of the listed buildings and the operational requirements of the business, Optimise Electrics specialist electrical inspection & testing experience are a key part of securing this contract. As a trusted experienced company in this field it will ensure the client receives the highest service and also complies with their Health & Safety requirements.

Optimise Electrics gains "approved" status with a national facilities company. They provide full facilities mantenance covering a vast range of services in the commercial, retail and public sector. Optimise Electrics are looking forward to building a partnership with them and providing them with their electrical services and electrical inspection services. The services will be based from the Cardiff offices and initially covering South Wales.

Optimise Electrics completes commercial electrical inspection project carried out accross a range of buildings in the Cardiff area. Another satisfied client receives the completed electrical condition reports to ensure their properties comply with all the required electrical regulations and Health & Safety requirements.